About Us

Why We Exist

Crypto was birthed in 2009 as a decentralized currency. Due to the lack of control from the government it become the currency of choice for drug dealers and human traffickers. It remained this way for nearly a decade and still bares that dark history. As believers in human kindness and the potential of the cryptospace we have dedicated ourselves to reinmagining crypto with a focus on global change. We believe that crypto has the potential to solve some of the worlds biggest problems, from homelessness to climate change to even curing cancer. Our company is dedicated to creating Crypto currencies and tokens based around social causes as a way to raise unprecidented funds towards solving these issues.

Our Plan

We seek to change the world. We know that is a bold claim but we believe in the power of human kindness and the strength in numbers. It is our belief that over the next 10 years we can bring the cryptocommunity together behind a new banner built on change and heal the world. Over the next 10 years it is our goal to a series of tokens and currencies each backing a global cause. These tokens will have a small trading tax (3%), which is used in donating towards these causes as well as marketing for change. This will harness the power of the market to make a difference worldwide rather than making a select few rich. Additionally, this project will shed light on different social issues and show how much backing is actually behind a cause. 

Why we Believe we can make a Difference

The Cryptospace is growing and experienced almost 2 trillion in trading volume in the month of March 2024. With a 3% tax on all trades this would result in over 60 Billion raised in a single month. These funds could change the world if tapped into. While it is impossible to rewrite cryptos tainted past of rug pulls, involvement in human trafficking and crime syndicates we believe that by creating a community focused on raising money for charities we can help shine a brighter path for crypto going into the future. 

More than Just Growth

Unlike most digital investments we guarantee that whether or not the market is up or down there will be peoples lives changes by the money raised. We hope all who invest through us can walk away from us with a profit but also knowing that they helped make a difference in the lives of people.